Yes! Please call ahead (606-437-7447) to schedule a time to visit so that we can be respectful of the privacy of children and families receiving services.
Children come to Judi's Place for Kids for specialized services.  Each situation is unique.  Children may live in their own home, a relative's home, in foster care, or in an adoptive home.
There are many ways to help! • Make a donation. • Join the Big Hearts monthly giving club. • Organize your group to collect needed items. • Participate in our fundraising events. • Schedule our staff to present to your group. • Join us on Facebook or Twitter. • Volunteer! • Direct a portion of e-bay sales to Judi’s Place. • Call us for more ideas!
While a medical examination is important to the overall health and well-being of the child, many forms of child sexual abuse leave no lasting physical evidence or injury. The child sexual abuse medical examination at Judi’s Place is not invasive and is not painful.
With very few exceptions, Kentucky residents have an obligation to report suspected child abuse to the appropriate authorities. You may report to the Department for Protection and Permanency at 1-877-KYSAFE1 or to your local law enforcement agency. Reports are confidential and you can choose to remain anonymous.